DIY Divorce: Leave it Alone

The ads are splashed all over the Internet: “$69 DIY Divorce,” “Do-it-Yourself Divorce in 24 Hours.” Tons of ads of this nature exist, and for any couple with a pending divorce the offer couldn’t sound more appealing –or affordable. Sadly, the end result of a DIY divorce is oftentimes the exact opposite of what’s expected, and causes more headache than what it is worth.
The assistance of a legal professional is always needed during a divorce. This is true even if you and your ex-spouse are the best of friends. Once a judge has signed a divorce decree it is legal and binding and usually cannot be changed under any circumstances. Attempting to go it alone without a lawyer could result in many errors that could affect your life for many years into the future.
Not only does divorce indicate the separation of the couple, there’s many other factors surrounding a divorce. Do you have children? Is spousal support something that you are requesting? There are certainly property divisions to make, and debts are probably accumulated in the names of both people. These are all important issues that should be taken care of at the same time as divorce, and definitely something that you cannot handle without the assistance of a legal expert.
Divorce is also an emotionally trying time in your life. You must think with your brain rather than with your heart. This is one reason that so many people hire a divorce attorney, since they serve as the middleman and eliminate a lot of communication between couples. Attorneys act in the best interest of the client, rather than with words of the heart. As just mentioned, a divorce is a very serious legal matter. Repercussions could exist for a long time to come with just one error or mistake.
Additionally, so many of these DIY divorces aren’t close to being legit. Sometimes you don’t get all of the paperwork needed to complete the divorce. Sometimes the paperwork that you receive isn’t applicable to your state. And sometimes these DIY divorce companies are simply downright scams and do nothing more than steal your hard-earned money or credit card and personal details.
Although you might not want to incur the costs of a divorce attorney, it is a decision that you’ll be grateful you made after all is said and done. There are far too many issues surrounding DIY divorce.

DIY Divorce: Leave it Alone

Compare & Consult: The best way to find a Lawyer

Choosing a lawyer is never easy but that isn’t to say that it has to become an event that causes you headaches and stress. There are so many of them out there ready to represent you no matter what the situation, and all of the lawyers out there promise to get the best results for your case. However, we all know that every lawyer isn’t right for every person, and you do not want to be stuck with a lawyer that isn’t compatible with your needs. If you want the best results, you simply must have the right lawyer handling your case. How can you  get The best way to find a lawyer? By implementing the two C’s: compare and consult.
Compare: With so many lawyers out there it is important that you compare. When you compare lawyers you can be sure that out get someone that is compatible with your needs, as well as someone that offers legal expertise and guidance. You can also compare costs between lawyers. There are many ways that you can compare lawyers. The best, and easiest, is through the various online resources to there. This information is available at no cost and can really make the choice of lawyers easier.
Consult: Committing to a lawyer without knowing a lot about the firm is a big mistake. Therefore most law firms offer a free consultation. The consultation allows you to get to know the lawyer a little bit more, as well as learn what he can do for your case. You can take advantage of one or more consultations with no obligation. They certainly can come in handy when just any lawyer will not do.

Choosing a lawyer doesn’t have to be a difficult, time consuming process. Instead, put the two C’s to work, and use them to help you find a lawyer who will get the best results in your case. It is just that simple.

How To Be Sure You Need a Lawyer


Today’s times require most often than not the presence of a lawyer for different reasons. Sometimes, these reasons are very serious – you are facing a lawsuit, you are arrested or you may be charged with crime. This shouldn’t scare you, because this is not always the case.

People need the presence of a lawyer when they need legal advice or legal expertise, in different situations. In addition, before taking a decision, it’s best to consult with a lawyer to get an expert advice, just to be sure at least that you have made the right choice.

How Bad Is It?

criminal-law-smThis is the first question that you have to ask yourself. If you believe that your liberties or your finances are at stake, then you surely need the help of a lawyer. If you have just received a parking ticket, then you can pay it off without consulting a lawyer. Unfortunately, if you have too many parking tickets unpaid and you face a warrant for your arrest, then you surely know it’s time to get a good lawyer. This is a necessity, especially if you want to save money and stay out of jail.

Other areas that request legal advice are tax planning, estate planning, trusts, drafting wills, negotiating and signing business deals and sometimes even adopting children.

Before Asking for Legal Advice

criminal-law-300x225Keep in mind that however serious your situation is, you might have to ask for legal advice as a last resort. There may be alternative ways to solve the issue. For example, there are some companies that have a customer service that is dedicated to solving customer complains and problems.

Apart from this, before going to a lawyer, make sure you have covered the mediation or the arbitration. These are other forms of legally solving your issue, without using a lawsuit.

Why Do You Need to Ask For a Lawyer?

Some situations require a fast response from your part. Here comes as an example the time when you have suffered a car accident. If you have been injured, and you are not guilty of producing the accident, you can file a lawsuit. Even so, you need to do it fast, because there are other parts involved in this – the insurance company, the hospital, the other people involved in the accident. You’ll have a time limit, and if you think you need a lawyer, then ask for his help sooner.

Asking for a lawyer is not only for those times when you are in an accident. You can ask for legal advice whenever you feel that the terms of a contract are not clear to you, or you feel that the wording is ambiguous. A legal advice might save you much money, as an unclear statement in a contract can be misinterpreted.



What Do You Want?

Think about what exactly is your goal in a lawsuit or a possible lawsuit. This is an important question, because based on the answer, you will have to address to a certain lawyer. There are many branches in the law area – some are specialized in business, others are specialized in family law; some lawyers are good in financial law, while others are specialized only in maritime law. Give the right answer and you will get the right lawyer.

If your goal is clear and you know who to address to, then everything is simple and the lawyer will guide you through. But keep in mind that you should be also clear about what you want to achieve with the lawsuit – you might want to get back your old job, as you feel that the employer was not fair when firing you; you might want to recover the money spent on an expensive product that malfunctioned and the producing company doesn’t recognize the fact and so on. The truth is that you need to be true with yourself and your goals should be kept realistic.